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Feeling better WILL happen when visiting past lives, life between lives and your higher self!

QHHT® Hypnosis

Meet Hilary

Master Hypnotherapist + QHHT®  Level 1 Intern

Welcome beautiful souls. 

I am extensively trained to take you through your past lives, Life Between Lives and using the QHHT® method by Dolores Cannon!

By using these methods we capture what your true path in life is, why you are suffering and how to overcome it! 

These methods have been used with thousands of people to help them recover their true selves, why they keep making the same choices in life and how to make new, more improved choices for a healthy life!

QHHTOntario is owned by State of Mind Hypnosis and located in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada.

What I Specialize In


(Past Life Regression + Contact with higher self)


(Life Between Lives)


(Age Regression)

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The Journey Towards Self Healing Begins by contacting your Higher Self. Begin Your Journey Today.

"I have walked away with a whole new understanding of myself and within the first month seen so many changes. My confidence alone has been altered for life - dealing with issues I never knew were holding me back"

- Julie

“I was a skeptic about past life regression but I can honestly say that going through this process and what I saw in a past life was incredibly healing, whether it was real or not!.”

- Karen

“Hilary spends so much time getting to know you. I was literally 5-6 hours in her office! We did life between lives and I was shocked at what I experienced! I was able to change my life with confidence and am now on the road to success.”

- Charlie


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Phone: 705-313-9079

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